Home Design

Where you live or work ought to be a place you love to be, it should be visually pleasing, comfortable and smell good with a unique atmosphere that you have created just for you. Your personality should shine through.

Home Styling

How many of us can honestly say we love the look of our home or office? We move in, place our existing furniture in the rooms, saying to ourselves we will sort it all out later – but later never comes.

If you are living or working in a space that feels uncomfortable, needs brightening up or just rearranging and the thought of doing this is overwhelming, we can help. We can reorganise your belongings, identify items to up-cycle and even suggest a whole new look to make your space a place you love to live in or work in once more.


Decluttering your space is all about letting go and this can be really hard for most of us to do. The aim is to really focus on what means something to you and allowing the other “stuff ” to go, because holding onto belongings from years gone by holds you in the past and this is not good for your wellbeing or mind health.

The task of emptying your cupboards and creating different piles for your belongings can feel overwhelming, no matter how big or small your space may be, so allow us to provide you with a helping hand as you work through your home or office, bringing it back into balance and ultimately creating a beautiful space for you to love once more.

Why choose us?

We are friendly, reliable and approachable, as well as efficient and discreet, offering practical and sympathetic advice with no judgement.

We can take on anything from a single room, to a whole house or flat. We can also help you with your workspace organisation.

Booking Information

Firstly, we will visit your property to see the area/s that are causing you a problem. We can then put a plan of action together for you. Us coming to meet you not only allows us to provide an accurate quote, it also helps you to ensure that you’re comfortable with us working together. This session is complimentary and should take no longer that one hour. If you decide to go ahead, we will book in your first paid session.

An initial session of three hours will be needed to ensure good progress is made. Moving on from this, further session lengths will depend on the size of your project and the time you have available.

Decluttering: On the day of your session, we will work together deciding what to keep, what to store, what to donate to charity and what to throw away. Every decision on what to keep and what can go will be yours and yours alone. We are happy to remove one car boot load of charitable items per session, which will be delivered to a charity near us.


Complimentary session – up to 1 hour

Price per hour – £125

Payment is required by the end of each completed session – an invoice will be emailed to you before or on the day.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions documents for further information.

Additional Charges

Extended sessions will be charged by the half hour and an invoice will be emailed to you by the end of the working day.

Parking and Congestion charges are chargeable.

Areas Covered

We are based in Pinner and cover areas within an approximate 10 miles radius.

We are happy to provide our service outside of this radius, so feel free to get in touch to find out more.